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It’s time to get some help

MLC understands the challenges within your business and will help you overcome them.

Achievable aims and goals are critical for your business, the kind that save time and money, reduce stress and build a happy environment. It isn’t too much to ask to have a successful business when those aims and goals are met.

The definition of ‘in your corner’ – on someone’s side; giving someone support and encouragement. MLC has been in the corner of its clients for many years and still is. We can be in your corner, assisting you to be the best you can be.

The initial consultation meeting is free. Hit the button for details, you’ve nothing to lose

“It can be hard running a business. So much to do and not enough time.”


How do we manage our business strategy and critical tasks?

“Why do I always find myself ‘fire fighting’ problems? It’s hard to see what needs doing first with all this work, it’s both stressful and unproductive. Why does it feel like the business is running me?”


How do we manage our teams, their communication and growth?

“How do I keep my team motivated? What kind of training do I need within the business? I think it may be too expensive and we don’t have the time. I wish communication was better.”


How do we manage our delivery with good policy, process and procedure?

“We can’t seem to do things consistently As time goes on everyone in the business develops their own way of doing things. I’m worried we aren’t compliant. I’d like everyone to be working in the same way .

I’m sure you know you aren’t alone in feeling this way. It’s normal for a growing business to feel the pressure of delivering for clients. What’s needed is an analysis by someone that’s not attached to the business. Someone who will give a fair and unbiased view.

Team motivation is one of the hottest topics in any business. It’s proven that most people are motivated by learning and ownership of knowledge, with some responsibility. It means they are more effective and feel valued.

Processes within the business can seem out of date quickly, hard to write and harder to make stick. But they are what give a business consistency, quality and an advantage over competitors. They keep everyone working together.

“We all understand the challenges within the business, what are the solutions?”

1) Training

One-to-One or Group Workshop

Training is and should be a valuable part of your business. If we continue to do things the same way growth stalls and we stop being effective. The rest of the world hasn’t stopped training, themselves or their people, why should you? Integrate training into the heart of your work.

  • Tailored training workshops for many people.
  • Onsite or offsite. It’s your subject choice and we’ll help.
  • Training focuses on specific metrics, quality and consistency.

2) Coaching

One-to-One or Group Sessions

Coaching can come in the form of guidance for many employees. Or in fact one-to-one sessions to help a manager or business owner make sense of their current situation. A common sense look at the situation with no agenda only leads to sound actionable advice.

  • One-to-one mentoring on all business aspects.
  • Advice on leadership, managing people and conflict.
  • How to’s for recruitment, appraisal and performance managment. 

MLC Services and Support – Our Ethos

When you engage a coach to come into the business to help, it can seem like you’re letting a complete stranger into your world. Questions arise around trust, credibility and value for money.

It makes absolute sense that any owner or manager in a business is protective of its products, I.P. and sensitive information, even its team members. Not all consultants are the same.

Here at MLC we have a concept that identifies us as ‘Journeymen’. This simply means

We will come into your business for as long as you need. We work with you to help develop the skills and fill gaps in knowledge. We believe in everyones learning and the motivational power of that knowledge.

We don’t hold onto knowledge and drip feed it to you for each crisis. We give you the knowledge and tools to overcome your own business challenges. There may be a time when you and your business are running well enough that MLC won’t be needed. That’s what we aim for, because when your next product is being launched or you want to grow we are pretty confident you will contact us.

Many of our customers have engaged us for many years. That’s what MLC wants to bring to coaching and training; long term relationships built on mutual success.

Our journey together starts with a ‘no commitment’ meeting with you. To look at the specific challenges in your business.

We are confident that you will save more money in your business over time, than it costs to engage MLC to help.

Manual, Process, Document Creation Service

One of MLC’s most popular services is the creation of documentation for the business. All the clients we work with are busy running the business. For instance, they have the knowledge to make everything tick and most of the time they are on top of the work. But that doesn’t usually include keeping manuals or compliance systems up to date. Or building new processes to make sure everyone is working in synch. We can do this for you, let us download it from your head and turn it into useful documentation for when you need it.

  • Refreshing and rebuilding critical documentation for your business. Operations manuals, training manuals, simple and effective process to use in the business.
  • Training materials for new starters or new activity in the business. Powerpoint slide decks, activities, aims and objectives, exercises and metrics.
  • Planning documentation for all activities. Project documents, recruitment and interview documents. Strategic plans, business plans and value proposition overviews.

Business Continuity Management

The concept of Business Continuity is not new, many larger companies have plans in place for when something goes wrong or disaster strikes. But what about smaller companies? It’s just as important that smaller businesses have a plan that is relevant and ready when incidents happen. MLC has a robust process for helping you build a plan, test it and know it will work when you need it. The plan has 3 key stages:

  • Stage 1 Audit and Review – A few days spent with you the client looking at the key deliverables that you need to maintain for your customers, whatever happens.
  • Stage 2 BCP Build and Confirm – Creating the Business Continuity Plan within and for the business, making it fit.
  • Stage 3 Deploy and Train – Taking the plan and applying it inside the business, with training for all those involved in managing incidents.

Normally the whole process will take about 8 days and your business will then be ready for an incident. 

Click the link to a quick 10 questions test to see if you are BCM ready.

"Why would I trust MLC to work in my business, who have you helped and how?"


MLC has a varied portfolio of clients, from small 'one man bands' to larger companies and whole sectors of business. Working in sectors as diverse as Software Development and Digital Services. Tourism and Sports services, Fitness Childcare Provision, Engineering, Compliance and Building Services. Read our testimonials and in particular the case studies to get a real feel for what MLC does for its clients.

We pride ourselves in delivering effective change within businesses. We build long lasting relationships, it's one of our core values.

I feel that one of Mark's greatest strengths lies in his ability to get the best out of the people that he works work with and his experience in regards to recruitment and operational efficiency would bring value to any project, individual or company. It's always a pleasure to work with Mark and I hope that we get to collaborate again in the future. Whether you're an individual looking for advice or a company that requires strategic consultation to enhance and achieve your goals, I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Simon Iwaniszak

Managing Director, Red Kite Games

Life changing, I met Mark some years ago and he gave me help and advice when starting my new business. A few years passed when Mark moved city and in that time my business grew dramatically and so did my problems and stress levels. I had no real understanding of how to deal with staff, finances and a whole host of things. I started working with Mark again weekly some months ago and I'm a completely different person now. The stress and problems are all in perspective, in fact pretty much don't exist. His outlook on life, people and business just fit with our whole ethos and he is truly a win win guy. 

Matthew Frost

Owner/Managing Director, Function First

Mark has helped us manage the growth of our team by leveraging his diverse work background which ranges from building military aircraft to quality testing some of the world's most popular video games. A strong understanding of what motivates people combined with years of managing large teams means Mark can help companies recruit and retain people who will be happy and fulfilled in a given role.

Adam Roney

Co Owner/CEO, Calls9

Stucco & Stucco - Artisan surface installation, training, supply

The Need: To help the business owner to put in place a strategy to drive business growth. With a desire to achieve sector dominance in the North of England. Help to split the business into 3 parts, installation, training and supply. To increase cashflow and profitability.

The Brief: Assisting the business owner with one-to-one coaching and mentoring of business strategy. Including recruitment and operational effectiveness. Assist with activity for marketing and sales, client approach and the documentation and process. Build a training manual that reflects the courses S&S delivers. Provide 'one-day' business awareness workshops to course attendees.

The Result: S&S has seen explosive growth over the last 18 months. In the installation area the level of clients has increased with higher value jobs and greater exposure. The training will be accredited in 2018 driving up credibility. The training manual is developing the marketing. The first new full time employee is onboard.

Services Provided: Mentoring, Recruitment, Training Manual creation, policy, process and procedure.Strategic Planning, Business Workshops. 

Engagement Time: 1.5 years




RedKite Innovations - Supporting Childcare Businesses

The Need: To partner with RedKite Innovations to build an Operations Manual for 200+ childcare providers in the North east of England. Many of these businesses need to change the way they operate because of the new 30 hours childcare provision. It means adjusting their operational strategy to operate effectively.

The Brief: Completely build a manual that consists of all the relevant sections for a childcare business. Template sections with user guidance for completing them such as HR, policy and process, sales and marketing. Complete compliance sections for Ofsted to achieve a 'good' rating. The manual must be modular, i.e. can be used by smaller businesss up to larger multi-sites. Aligned with RedKite's training workshops.

The Result: A complete manual that's rolling out to hundreds of childcare businesses. Helping them to be more efficient, effective and successful. Helping them manage changes in legislation. MLC is also delivering workshops to groups of childcare businesses to show them the best way to use the manual.

Services Provided: Manual creation, policy, process and procedure, Compliance help, Training workshops.

Engagement Time: 2 years



Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd

Consultant, Coach and Trainer

Building business units for corporations from the ground up. Office space fit out, recruitment, operations, budgets for 17 years as a Studio Head . Circa £6m – £10m concerns, up to 100+ staff. Working on multimillion dollar software projects with half a billion turnover plus. Developed across various geographical sites and multifunction teams. Experienced in aeronautical engineering with 12 years in the Royal Air Force. 

 4 years’ in consultancy, coaching and training. Clients served via onsite support, training and one-to-one mentoring. With critical document creation such as operations and training manuals. Direct support for recruitment and team performance management. Business growth and planning development and assistance.

Educated to MBA level in strategy, creativity innovation and change, entrepreneurship, managing people. Trained in deploying psychometric testing. Part Time Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University in Project Management and Operations. Enterprise Advisor for Leeds Enterprise Partnership. 

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